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Saturday 23rd June - Egypt - Aswan (Day 2)
Willie was completely out of action today with a dodgy tummy. He spent the whole day in a darkened, air conditioned room feeling pretty miserable. For the rest of us there is a feeling of waiting for the dreaded black spot.

Back in Dahab we had contacted the Nile Navigation Company that run the ferries between Egypt and Sudan. We had spoken to a Mr Salah, who is based in Aswan, about our requirements for the ferry. We got back in touch with him again yesterday afternoon and arranged to meet him this morning to get tickets. So, this morning Andrew went down to Mr Salahs office while the kids and I went to the pool.

We had asked for 2 first class cabins on the ferry and a space on the barge for the car, but we havent quite got all we asked for. We have a space for the car and 1 first class cabin. Were not sure how this will work out and I for one am feeling very apprehensive about 3 adults and 2 kids in one cabin for an 18 hour ferry crossing preceded and followed by waiting times of unknown numbers of hours. Anyway its a bit late to decide we should have gone to Center Parcs!

After Andrew returned from the ferry office we had a relaxing afternoon around the hotel and then in the evening I started to feel ill too.Ciprofloxacin anyone?

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