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Sunday 24th June - Egypt - Aswan (Day 3)
Both Willie and I woke up feeling a bit better today, thankfully.

Andrew, the kids and I went into Aswan today to stock up on some things from the pharmacy and from food shops. We wanted to get snacks for the ferry and some more food for our cupboard to take us through the first bit of Sudan. We managed to get most things but it did take us all morning to get a shop that we would have got in half an hour in Tescos!

In the afternoon at the pool the temperature was 44 degC in the shade. These are the hottest temperatures we have experienced so far but we know itll be hotter still in Sudan.

We had hoped to do 2 touristy things here in Aswan - visit Philae temple and go on a felucca. The visit to Philae was abandoned due to dodgy tummies, but this evening we did take the boat trip. There wasnt enough wind to use the sail, so we had two oarsmen to power us on our 1 hour trip. It was very pleasant to relax, eat pizza, drink coke and watch the Nile flow by.

The rest of the evening was spent packing and organising for the ferry and Sudan.

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