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Tuesday 26th June - Sudan - Wadi Halfa
I rose early this morning and went up on deck in time to see Abu Simbel temple. It looked great in the morning light 4 colossal figures guarding the entrance. The entire temple was moved when Lake Nasser was created, almost as incredible a feat as its original construction.

The ferry docked in Wadi Halfa about midday but nobody was allowed to disembark until their passports were processed. one by one. While we were waiting we met Mazar Mahir. Mazar lives in Wadi Halfa and comes highly recommended by many people who have travelled this route in previous years. We had phoned Mazar a few weeks ago and he boarded the ferry to meet us. Mazar has a fresh, friendly, open face with a big smile. He turned out to be a huge help to us in getting through customs, handling the cars paperwork, exchanging money etc. etc. Thanks Mazar!

We finally got off the ferry about 1.30pm and then went to an arrivals hall where Mazar guided us through the hoops of officialdom. From there we got a transfer into town to our hotel (which Mazar had arranged for us). We arrived there about 3.30pm.

Our hotel was OK but very basic. What it did have though was other kids - and one of these kids had a bike!! That kept the girls more than happy. They spent hours playing with the other children trading their toys for turns on the bike. Mark, Danny and Phil who wed met on the ferry were all staying at the same hotel so we had a good chat with them. We sat outside the hotel with Cokes, watching the world go by while Naomi rearranged the coffee tables of all the roadside cafes and Keziah played with a little girl called Doiy jumping over rubbish in the ditch or brushing each others hair.

Our immediate impression of Sudanese people is that they are very friendly but not demanding in the same way as the Egyptians. In Egypt people follow a friendly chat with a demand for Baksheesh or an attempt to sell you something. It can be a bit wearing. In Sudan people are just friendly. Its refreshing.

15 Years married today!

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