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Wednesday 27th June - Sudan - Kosha
We had fans in our rooms last night but the power to Wadi Halfa switches off at midnight so our rooms were hot overnight. Sleeping in 35 deg C isnt very comfortable.

Mazar came to the hotel this morning and told us that the barge was in port, with our car. At about 10 Andrew and Mazar went off to get the car while Willie, the girls and I went to a nearby cafe for a drink with Phil, Mark and Danny. The girls played happily in the sand on the cafe floor with their plastic animals and toy cars.

Eventually Andrew and Mazar returned at about 2.30 and we loaded the car, said Farewell to Mazar and set of around 3. Thanks again for all your help Mazar God bless you.

We found our way out of Wadi Halfa quite quickly. The roads were very rough and corrugated with some sandy sections. At times the landscape looked like you would imagine Mars to be black rock and reddish coloured sand. There were hills that looked like massive piles of coal and more distant rocky mountains with sharp ridges and crests. In this heat its hard to imagine that anyone has climbed these peaks. For most of our route today we couldnt see the Nile although we were never more than a few kilometres from it. At one particularly scenic potty stop we got our first glimpse of fertile fields and the life-giving river.

Down by the Nile we drove through a few villages, stopping to set up camp on the edge of one Kosha. As we parked up children ran out of the village to meet us, so we took out the balls and kites and played with them for a while. Before long the kids mothers emerged from the houses to come over and satisfy their curiosity. Some of the women were very beautiful and all of them were interested in us and very friendly. Nobody spoke English, but we managed to communicate a bit. The girls were the focus of a lot of attention but coped well with it. I started to cook another interesting piece of theatre for the gathered audience. After a while the women said Bye and left with smiles and waves. A group of kids waited around but, wanting to have our dinner in peace, we said Bye bye! to them and they got the hint.

We are totally off the tourist trail now.

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