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Saturday 30th June - Sudan - Khartoum
Last night and then again this morning we had a visit from a family who live in the village next to our camp spot. There was a man, his wife and his 2 year old son very friendly, warm people. The man had a little English and was delighted to hear that we were from Britain, declaring that it was the highest of civilizations. I have a feeling hed be disappointed if he visited! We also had people pass our car yesterday evening and ask us to come instead and sleep at their house. We all really like the Sudanese people - they have been so welcoming to us.

We also like them because they seem to be kind to their donkeys. Those of you who know Willie wont be surprised to know that underneath that hard, tory shell there is a soft, animalloving heart. At some points in Egypt I had visions of Willie giving up everything to set up a donkey sanctuary. We did see some poor, skinny donkeys toiling under heavy loads and harsh masters in Egypt. In Sudan however it is our opinion that donkeys appear better cared for and happier.

Its interesting to see how the girls are handling all the new things they are seeing around them. Yesterday Keziah commented that all the children in this country have black faces and then she wondered if they took their black faces off would they have faces like ours underneath?.

We packed and left in good time this morning, stopping at Abu Dom to buy some more water and some fresh bread. It took us only 3 hours or so to get to Khartoum. We booked into the Acropole Hotel. Willies only requirement for the hotel was air conditioning so he is enjoying a cool evening!

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