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Tuesday 3rd July - Sudan - Khartoum (Day 4)
One of the main tourist sights in Sudan are the pyramids at Meroe. It takes about 3 hours to drive there from Khartoum.

Today we took a day trip to visit the pyramids (or illamints as Naomi calls them). The return trip was long a good 6 hours in the car - but it was worth it. There are about 100 pyramids in total, although a lot of them are just ruins. As far as we could see, the pyramids seem to have been built in 3 separate, neighbouring areas. We visited the middle of these areas which contained maybe 30 pyramids. Some of the pyramids have been restored, some are quite ruined and others are nearly complete. We took camels from the entrance gate to the pyramids and then walked around, looking in some of the tombs. There were a lot of detailed carvings on the stone - hieroglyphics and Egyptian-style pictures.

The site itself is more impressive than Jebel Barkal at Karima in that there are more carvings and more pyramids. However, it was the only place in Sudan where we felt a bit hassled. I think we were the only tourists to have visited the place that day, or maybe that week. As soon as we got out of the car we were surrounded by people trying to get us onto their camels or wanting us to buy something. At Jebel Barkal we drove up, got out of the car and walked around completely on our own, Meroe was very different. Anyhow, we enjoyed the visit very much.

Willies flight leaves Khartoum just after 6am tomorrow, so we said our farewells tonight. It was great to have you with us, Willie. Missing you already!

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