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Thursday 5th July - Sudan - Alam
This morning Abbas came to see us on his way off to school, looking very neat and tidy with his school clothes and school bag. He walked with a few friends through the fields, proudly showing off the visitors hed had last night. We packed up, leaving a few small gifts with our hosts, and drove off.

As we drove towards Gedaref there were lots of changes the temperature dropped, everything became more and more green, hills and rocks appeared in the landscape rather than the flat plains that wed had the previous day, the houses changed into round houses with thatched roofs and there was mud on the sides of the road rather than sand. Later when we camped we discovered that this mud is a thick, heavy clay shoes get caked in a few minutes of standing on the stuff.

The roads were good tar and we had been informed that the tar stretched all the way to the border. We drove through showers of heavy rain and by the time we arrived in Gedaref the heavens opened for a torrential downpour. We stopped for lunch there and then decided to continue on towards the Ethiopian border. For the first time for months, setting the air conditioning in the car to 30 degrees meant that the car heater came on, rather than the air conditioning.

Choosing a place to camp for the night can be quite tricky. Weve been very fortunate in the places we have found to camp. Our wish list for the ideal camp spot would be as follows :

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