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Saturday 7th July - Ethiopia - Gonder (Day 2)
We have decided to stay an extra night in Gonder, as were not really in any rush. This morning we visited the Royal Enclosure a collection of ruins and partially-restored buildings dating from the 15th century. We wandered round the site for a couple of hours. The girls enjoyed it as there were towers to climb and little tunnels to go through.

Although weve only been in Ethiopia for a day weve really noticed the pretty little birds here. Today we saw lots of vibrantly coloured birds bright orange birds the size of a thrush, tiny little birds with shimmering bluey-green plummage, sunshine yellow birds with black faces and then little drab brown birds with the most unlikely bright red faces and tails.

We had lunch in Gonder and then returned to the pension for the afternoon. The girls each slept for a couple of hours and spent the rest of the time playing, mainly with a little girls called Hannah who I assume is connected with one of the staff here.

In the afternoon Andrew went under the LandCruiser to check a few things and discovered that part of the rear suspension is broken (upper stabilising bar sheared and one split rear shock bushing for the techy readers). We got in touch with a garage and arranged for it to be repaired tomorrow morning. We dont know when the damage was done, but we have been over some very rough roads in the last couple of weeks.

We have spent quite a bit of time today reconsidering our route through Ethiopia and Kenya. Last night another couple of overlanders stayed at Belegez Pension on their way north to Sudan. We discussed routes with them and we now think that well try to go into Kenya from Ethiopia via the Omo Valley, Lake Turkana route. We are still undecided about whether to attempt to go to Lalibela. The roads are desperately bad apparently, but Lalibela is probably the biggest thing to see in the whole of Ethiopia.decisions, decisions.

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