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Thursday 12th July - Ethiopia - Bahir Dar (Day 3)
Yesterday we went to the Ethiopian Airlines office in Bahir Dar to try and arrange flights to Lalibela. Last night we were contacted to say that we had places on the morning flight today, returning tomorrow. So we woke at 6am, got organised and went to the airport for our 8.30 flight. We got our boarding passes and got through to the tarmac before being told that there had been a mistake and the flight was full.

Life is full of disappointments. When youre 36 or 38 these disappointments are frustrating and annoying. When youre 2 youre too pre-occupied with other far more important things to be very bothered by these disappointments. When youre 4 lifes disappointments hit you hard. Keziah wasnt particularly interested in Lalibela but she was very excited about going in a plane and so she was very upset.

We returned to Ethiopian Airlines office later in the day and discussed other options with them but it was just impossible to get confirmed flights that fitted in with our remaining time in Ethiopia. Weve resigned ourselves to not seeing Lalibela. In the rainy season its too arduous a drive to subject the children to.

Instead of Lalibela we went to the Blue Nile Falls today. It took us about an hour to drive there and then we walked for half an hour to the viewpoint where we had a picnic before walking back to the car. The falls are beautiful but because of the neighbouring hydro-electric plant they are now only a fraction of what they used to be. Before the plant was built they were 400m wide, but now they are a mere 40m wide.

Keziah tripped on the way to the falls and scratched her hand. Keziah is a sweet little girl but she is certainly not tough. She cried and wailed over the single tiny droplet of blood that appeared on the palm of her hand until we had to get very tough with her in order to get her to stop. It is times like these that are most difficult with children, whether youre at home or away. Our memory of the Blue Nile Falls will always include Keziahs hysterical crying and our rising impatience.

Anyway, on our return to Bahir Dar we went to the Ghion hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in the gardens and cafe there. A few other children turned up - so that was Keziah and Naomi happy. A few other overlanders turned up so that was Andrew happy. We collected our clean washing from the Tana Laundry so that was me happy (sad but true).

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