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Friday 13th July - Ethiopia - Addis Ababa
Today we left Bahir Dar to drive south. We werent sure how far we would drive, but there arent many options for places to spend the night between Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa. Bush camping in Ethiopia (or certainly the parts of it that weve seen) doesnt appeal because there are people everywhere and we didnt fancy a night camping while surrounded by begging crowds.

We set off at about 9.30am on good smooth tar roads. The tar continued for most of the day, apart from a middle section of about 50km. At one village we met another overland vehicle, so we pulled over to speak to them. They were two guys from the UK, driving from Cape Town home. It was good to chat to them for a while.

The main point of interest during our drive today was the Blue Nile Gorge a drop of over 1000m down to the river and back up again. Once again the scenery was beautiful. Driving back up from the river we stopped a couple of times to allow the car to cool down and we had to drive very slowly so it wouldnt overheat again.

We decided just to continue on to Addis Ababa and we finally arrived there at about 7pm. It was a very long day of driving and towards the end it was a struggle to keep the children amused but they coped very well with it. We drove about 580 km today over a period of nearly 10 hours the longest distance and driving time that weve had so far this holiday and a record that we dont plan to break! We booked into the Ghion Hotel very relieved and happy to be here.

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