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Saturday 14th July - Ethiopia - Addis Ababa (Day 2)
Much to the girls excitement, the Ghion Hotel has a playpark. It also has an outdoor swimming pool (although at the moment the weather isnt warm enough for us to consider it). We went to look at a couple of other hotels today, but decided to stay put. The Ghion has a good bit of space, there are a lot of other kids staying here and the price isnt bad.

Keziah and Naomi sometimes speak to each other in another language when they are playing. When you ask them what language they are speaking in they say Greek or Arabicor one of the other languages we have encountered on our trip. In Ethiopia the main language is Amharic. Thank you in Amharic is ameseganalu (sp?) quite a mouthful. The girls like saying ameseganalu to people and they always get a very warm reaction.

We found an excellent coffee shop today called Kaldis Coffee. Its a straight copy of Starbucks the sign, staff uniforms and interior decor are virtually the same. Unsurprisingly Kaldis are being taken to court by Starbucks but, criminal or not, we were very happy to find Kaldis.

We spent most of the day around the hotel, relaxing with the children.

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