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Tuesday 17th July - Ethiopia - Addis Ababa (Day 5)
Andrew set off on a few more errands today collecting our passports from the Tanzanian Embassy and taking them to the Kenyan Embassy to apply for the Kenyan visas.

When there are errands to be done (visits to Embassies, banks, garages etc) it has tended to be Andrew that has done these things while Ive stayed with the kids. This means that rather than being dragged around boring offices the children can run about in a playpark. Ive spent a good few hours in the Ghion playpark with the girls over the last few days!

There is a crazy merry-go-round at the playpark. It goes very fast and if a child fell off they would be run over by the other vehicles following around behind. Of-course the girls love it and it costs next to nothing so they go on it a couple of times every day, sometimes along with their babies (Baby Annabelle dollies). These dolls have caused quite a stir here in Ethiopia. Adults and children alike are all very fascinated and amused at such life-like dolls and laugh heartily when we turn the dolls on so they can hear their cries.

We still havent ventured into the swimming pool at the Ghion. The weathers just not hot enough for us (softened as we are after travelling for 3 months in warm countries). The pool is busy every day though, often with children having their swimming lessons. In one such lesson we counted over 100 children in the pool primary school kids from the whole primary age-range. The children were being tutored by a single swimming instructor!

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