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Wednesday 18th July - Ethiopia - Addis Ababa (Day 6)
We have enjoyed some good meals in Addis Ababa including a couple of Chinese meals and tonight an Indian meal. Eating Chinese and Indian meals makes you feel strangely homesick for Aberdeen, reminding us of the Ruby and Kury takeaways! We have also been enjoying having a glass or few of wine with our meals. We didnt have any alcohol in Sudan at all. A good red wine makes the children appear much better behaved.

Keziah and Naomi are very much looking forward to Auntie Janie coming out to join us for a couple of weeks Just 1 sleep!

Theres a hairdresser at the Ghion so today I took the girls along and they got their hair braided in a typically African style. It took over an hour to get their hair done and the girls were pretty patient although Naomi struggled a bit towards the end. Its quite an art and you wouldnt believe how quickly these hairdressers can do a plait. The girls also got their nails painted and they are both quite delighted with the results. We all think Auntie Janie will be quite impressed.

This afternoon we went to a supermarket to stock up on food for our trip to the Omo valley. The supermarket was very well stocked with lots of Western goods. Naomi had fallen asleep in the car so Andrew stayed with her while Keziah and I got the shopping. In common with most cities it would be possible to live in Addis Ababa and live quite a Western existence frequenting this supermarket, that mall, this coffee shop, that church and, again in common with most cities, there would be a huge difference between your standard of living and that of the citys poor.

Our time in Addis has been a lot better than wed expected. I think it has been good for us and particularly the girls, to be in one place for a few days and not to be doing anything very much. We are looking forward to heading off again tomorrow after Jane arrives.

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