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Thursday 19th July - Ethiopia - Awasa
Jane arrived in Addis Ababa at about 3am. Andrew collected her from the airport and then we sat and chatted for a bit before sleeping. It was great to see her and the girls have been very excited to have her company today.

We packed and checked out of the hotel, collected our passports from the Kenyan Embassy and went to the Topview restaurant for lunch. The Topview is a good restaurant with, as the name suggests, an excellent view across the city, but more importantly the restaurant has a playpark! Theres not much chance of seeing many playparks for the next week or two, so it was good for the kids to enjoy it while they had a chance.

We then drove to Awasa a longer drive than we had anticipated, taking about 4.5 hours. The main draw at Awasa is a campsite run by a German woman big cheer for German-run campsites! Clean, good toilets, good shower, good food and even a swing, hammock, treehouse and see-saw for the kids. The girls got a couple of extra teddy bears to hug overnight and enjoyed meeting the big, old tortoise and a couple of tiny baby ones.

The drive to Awasa was pretty uneventful a busy road but mainly tarmac. Jane sat in the back seat between the girls and made good use of her teachers experience to keep them amused for the journey. One rather horrible aspect of todays drive was the fact that we saw 2 dead donkeys on the roadside and one recently knocked-over but still living donkey on the road. We were relieved that the girls were sleeping at the time as it wasnt a pleasant sight. Goodness knows what Willie would have done if hed still been with us!

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