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Friday 20th July - Ethiopia - Arba Minch
We were in no hurry to leave Awasa this morning, so we lingered for a while and only left Awasa about noon.

It took us about 5 hours to get to Arba Minch. The drive was very scenic, passing lots of thatched houses in neat little compounds. The landscape started off flat but quickly became more hilly with a greater number of trees. We drove past Ethiopias rift valley lakes which are a curious brown colour. The earth here in Ethiopia is a deep, burgundy red and this obviously colours the water.

The roads were busy, not so much with traffic but with people and animals everywhere. People walk on the roads and herd their goats, sheep, donkeys and cows on the road. On the sides of the road people sell potatoes, bananas, mangoes, corn on the cobs, peanuts.

We went to Swaynes Hotel in Arba Minch and camped there for the night. All the rooms in the hotel were booked because of graduation ceremonies at Arba Minch University. The view from the hotel is just awesome. The hotel is on the edge of an escarpment overlooking the Nechisar National Park. You look directly down on to the top of a forested area which is apparently home to huge herds of zebras. Beyond the forest there are mountains, to the North is Lake Abaya and to the south is Lake Chamo.

Tomorrow we will go into the park hopefully to spot some of Arba Minchs famously huge crocodiles.

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