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Thursday 26th July - Kenya - Samburu NP
After getting the car washed in Maralal, we set off at about 1.30pm. Today was my turn in the back seat with the girls. Jane and I have been taking turns sitting between the girls. We have had some long driving days recently on rough roads.

The division of tasks between the front and back adult passengers is roughly as follows:
Front seat:
Make lunch (tomato or sardine sandwiches) while bumping over rough roads
Refill childrens water bottles
Navigate, using GPS, paper maps and guide books
Operate the ipod
Set up the computer and PVR so kids can watch Barney/Balamory

Back seat:
Dream up games to play
Teach the kids songs
Distribute paper and pens for drawing
Try to reunite pens and lost pen-lids
Read books
Retrieve requested toys from heavily loaded, overhead cargo nets
When on bumpy roads, avoid being whacked on the head by aforementioned nets
When girls are sleeping, prop up their heads so they dont wake up on bumpy sections

Andrew only has to drive! (and put up with 2 sisters ganging up on him AW & Jane dont know I included this comment)

Todays drive was a bit shorter than the last few days but we were still in the car for 4 hours or so. Once again the scenery was very beautiful. We saw our first zebra on the outskirts of Maralal. We entered Samburu National Park via Archers Post gate. The entrance fee was very high, but the place was recommended to us by one of the lecturers accompanying the American students. He said it was his favourite game park in Kenya so we reckoned it was worth paying the $40/person/night (kids were free).

Within 10 minutes of entering the park we saw a giraffe, a herd of elephants, bush pigs, baboons, antelopes and zebra. We are now camped at Butterfly camp, beside the river in a wonderful spot by a pool which has its own resident croc! We watched him in the dark using the spotlight and then went to bed listening to the sounds of African wildlife in the night.

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