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Friday 27th July - Kenya - Samburu NP (Day 2)
We rose early this morning, packed the tent, took a few snacks along with us and headed off to look for animals. Most people going on a game drive have a driver and/or guide with them to tell them where to go, but we did a DIY version. This meant that we looked out for other peoples vehicles and, particularly if the vehicle was stationary, we drove up to see what they were looking at! We didnt spend the whole time looking over other peoples shoulders, we did strike off on our own a few times.

We were away from the camp from about 7 until 10.30 and we saw a lot elephants, giraffes, ostrich, various antelopes, buffalo, warthog but no predators. We returned to camp for an excellent, large breakfast and then relaxed around the camp for the afternoon. The girls played with their dollies while we sat on the sandbank at the edge of the river and watched. The camp is in an excellent location for wildlife viewing. Vervet monkeys and baboons live in the trees right at the camp and from our chairs on the riverbank we could see animals passing by on the other side of the river and stopping to drink just opposite us. From the camp we saw zebra, impala, dik dik, oryx, giraffe, buffalo and of-course the big crocodile.

We spent a lot of time watching the croc. For most of the day he lay on the opposite bank, basking in the sun. Occasionally he slid into the river to keep a beady eye on some thirsty animal that came down to drink. Generally he stayed on the far-off half of the river, not venturing close to our bank. However, at about 3pm he moved closer to us. Andrew, Jane and I were all watching him at the time as he very decisively came right over to our side of the river and settled in the stream just down from the camp, less than a metre from the bank. It was very eerie. We were left in no doubt that this was his pool. We moved back from the chairs pretty quickly.

We decided to go in a minibus for an evening game drive with a guide to see if we could track down some lions, cheetahs or leopards. Unfortunately we didnt manage to see any of the predators, but we did see lots of animals some of them very close to us. Trying to spot the animals is like a big treasure hunt. Towards the end of the drive the girls were getting a bit restless so Jane came up with the idea of spotting enormous elephant poos. This met with the girls approval as a wonderfully amusing way of passing the time!

We are the only people staying at the Butterfly Camp. Its a public camp with tents set up and ready for clients tents for sleeping, shower tents and a toilet tent. We are sleeping in our own tent, but making use of the showers and toilet. There are people employed to look after the camp and you can ask them to cook for you if you wish we did. We have been fed very well during our time here and they even got diet Cokes for Jane (who was suffering withdrawal symptoms after a week without any). The food has been plentiful and very tasty so if any of you are interested here are our cooks contact details- Peter Mwangi Maina (PO Box 242 Naivasha Kenya Tel 254 + 0720 891677).

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