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Sunday 29th July - Kenya - Nyharuru
Isiolo is quite an Islamic town. I dont know the history of that but it seems quite strange after being in Christian countries for the past few weeks. Isiolo is the first town since Sudan where we have seen women in Muslim veils.

We left the hotel about 9.30 and hoped to find a church, since it was Sunday. As we drove we passed signs for numerous churches, but all the service times were early often their services were at 8.30.

The signs on the roadside are very interesting lots of schools with inspirational names, mottos and vision statements and lots of similarly inspiring church signs. Many roadside buildings are painted skilfully in bright colours with detailed illustrations and adverts, for example the beautifully drawn Crown pens for stress-free writing. We passed a sign for a Miracle Centre which sounded like an interesting place to stop! Many businesses are obviously strongly influenced by the faith of the owner, for example Blessed Automobile Parts (the LandCruiser could do with some of them!) or how about the pharmacy with the motto We dispense, God cures!. We also passed the unlikely combination of Cafe and Butchery, but we didnt stop. I think full cow carcasses hanging up in the window might put me off my coffee and cake.

The road to Nanyuki is tarmac and took less than an hour to drive. We stopped at a hotel so the girls could play at the playpark and we could ask about the next section of road - from Nanyuki to Nyharuru. While we stocked up with a few lunch snacks for the onward journey, Jane got chatting to some of the street-sellers. Jane is very friendly and chatty to all the people who approach the car trying to sell things. No brisk No thank yous from Jane - instead (and I quote) Yes I know youd give me a good deal, I can see that from your honest face, but no thank you. Im sure shes leaving a string of broken-hearts across Africa. This morning she set the challenge of sourcing a new mobile phone charger and then sat back, enjoying watching this group of eager men running around the town attempting to fulfil her request. One of them, returning breathless, had found a phone-charger for her.

The road from Nanyuki to Nyharuru was pretty muddy and rough. Once again we came across a lorry stuck in a muddy ditch and we stopped to pull it out. Keziahs assessment of the situation was You were super again Daddy. Somewhere further along the same road the Landcruiser parted company with the front right wheel arch cover and mud flap but we didnt notice until we stopped (rough roads!).

In the mid afternoon we arrived in Nyharuru also known as Thomsons Falls. We went to the Thomsons Falls Hotel and camped there for the night. The Hotel is right beside the falls. The falls are very beautiful and the hotel is great, making the most of its position. There is a very colonial feel to the place in part due to the fact that the altitude makes the temperature quite cool. The camping area behind the hotel is lovely and the hotel staff set a campfire for us in the evening so that was a nice touch.

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