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Monday 30th July - Kenya - Nairobi
Kenya has of-course got historic ties with Britain and it often feels strangely British. In contrast to other countries we have driven through, the Landrover is king here rather than the Landcruiser. Kenyans drive on the left, rather than the right. There arent a lot of road signs but when you see them they are exactly like UK road signs. Everyone speaks English and all written signs are in English. As we drove we passed enclosed fields with fences, something we havent seen for many weeks. At times today the scenery looked very like Scotland and then we passed a sign saying that we were crossing the Equator, so that was a reminder that we were a long way away from home.

We drove to Nakuru, in two minds about whether to stop there for the night or not. The weather was very grey and overcast, with heavy clouds threatening rain, so we decided not to wait but just to continue on to Nairobi.

Jungle Junction is an almost legendary overlanding stop in Nairobi and so we tracked it down using the GPS co-ordinates that wed been given from other travellers. It lived up to its reputation as being a haven and a friendly meeting spot in the middle of the city. We booked in for a couple of nights and enjoyed the evening, speaking to other wanderers.

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