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Tuesday 31st July - Kenya - Nairobi (Day 2)
Keziah was sick last night, but she seems alright this morning. We have been very fortunate that the girls have been so healthy so far.

A few people have emailed us asking about health issues, in particular relating to the children. To answer some of the questions Before leaving home we took medical advice and got the recommended immunisations. In practice this meant more for the girls than for Andrew and me, since we had got injections for previous trips. For malaria we were advised to take Larium for both us and the girls and so we have taken that with us. We started taking Larium in Egypt and will continue with it until after the end of our trip. Larium is infamous for its scary side-effects, but weve not had any bad reactions to it. We take one tablet and the children take one quarter tablet once a week. We have found that the easiest way to give the tablet to the girls is to bury it in a chunk of banana or, if thats not available, a tinned peach. Weve been careful to cover up at dusk and weve used insect repellent and mosquito nets to avoid being stung. For other ailments we have a well-stocked medical box with a variety of drugs, as advised by our doctor friend Andrew Palombo. On a couple of occasions we have taken advantage of Andrew P. by texting or phoning him when we have a medical query. We also have a Your Childs Health Abroad book, which we havent yet used and which we hope will remain unopened for the duration of the trip.

Anyway, today Andrew went off for a chunk of the day to get the carnet stamped, car insurance organised, money from bank, website updated etc.

Jane and I took the girls off to Nakumatt Junction, a mini mall close to Jungle Junction. We got a few things from the shops and enjoyed sitting in a coffee shop for lunch. We had hoped to take the girls to see Shrek 3 at the cinema in the mall, but unfortunately it wasnt on that day, so we returned to Jungle Junction.

The owner of JJs has a little girl, much the same age as our girls. There is also a South African family with three children (including a boy whos 3 years old) staying at JJs. Keziah and Naomi have had a great time playing with these other children. There is a big garden and plenty of space to have fun, so theyre very happy here.

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