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Wednesday 1st August - Kenya - Voi
Andrew went to collect a final insurance document this morning. Meanwhile Naomis teddy fell down the toilet (apparently he was doing a pee at the time and just slipped).

We left Jungle Junction at about 11.15. The drive out of the city was very slow and long on rough roads (roads that were, once upon a time, smooth tarmac but now have more potholes than tar). We drove past corn-on-the-cob vendors at the side of the road and finally stopped to buy some. They were very disappointing chewy, charred and bland tasting. Even Naomi gave up trying to eat them (and she will eat almost anything). After the first 50km the road improved a lot and we found ourselves on good tarmac - courtesy of the European Union.

At Jungle Junction we had been recommended to stop in Voi at the Red Elephant Lodge. The Lodge is lovely right on the edge of Tsavo East National Park. Most people stay at the lodge to visit the safari park and see the animals there. We were there purely as a stopover en-route to Mombasa, as the journey is too long to complete in a single day. We arrived at the Lodge at about 4pm.

In the evening Jane began to feel unwell and so she went for an early night and resorted to taking some ciprofloxacin.

At one side of the Red Elephant Lodge there is a high electric fence. This is the perimeter of Tsavo East National Park. This evening one of the lodge staff called people over to see elephants that had gathered just over the fence from the lodge. Andrew, the girls and I went to see them. There were about a dozen elephants, munching on trees, just a few metres away inside the park. The largest elephant turned round and walked straight up to the fence. The lodge worker got some branches and held them out, through the fence for the elephant. With a little coaxing the elephant came up and ate the branches that he offered. We stood right up by the fence watching the elephant and she stood right up by the fence looking down at us, with her big eyes and long eyelashes. We all loved seeing the elephant so close and as we walked away, Keziah looked over her shoulder and waved at her.

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