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Friday 10th August - Kenya - Nairobi
This morning we saw elephants up at the park fence, just beside the lodge again as we had the previous time we stayed here. Once again the largest elephant came up and ate branches that we held out to her through the fence. She is the matriarch of the herd and is called Elena. These are wild elephants and they are free to roam all over the park so that makes it particularly great to see them so close.

The drive to Nairobi was OK. We left Voi at about 9.30 and arrived in Nairobi at about 1.30. We stopped for some lunch before going on to Jungle Junction our home from home in Nairobi. Some people who were at JJs last time we were here are also here this time. It is good to share stories and travel tips with other people who congregate here.
In the afternoon the girls played in the garden on the tyre-swing and with the two dogs that live here.

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