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Saturday 11th August - Kenya - Nairobi (Day 2)
So far any time spent in Nairobi has been governed by to-do lists. Today we decided to abandon the lists for a while and do a bit of sight-seeing.

On the recommendation of others at Jungle Junction we decided to visit the Giraffe Centre. We drove there on a drizzly morning, togged up in our fleecies and waterproofs, as if going on a forest walk back home. It was lots of fun. There is a raised platform which allows you to get up to the height of the giraffes heads and look them in the eye. Giraffe-food kernels are available at the centre and the gangly creatures come right up to the fence and happily eat from your hand. If they think youve forgotten about them, they nudge you for more and if you are brave enough to hold a kernel between your teeth youll be treated to a giraffe kiss! We chose to forego a kiss from a giraffe, but we enjoyed hand-feeding them and seeing them so close. Incidentally, there are different varieties of giraffe the ones at the centre are Rothschilds giraffes whereas the ones we saw in Samburu were reticulated giraffes.

Next stop was Nakumatt Karen. Nakumatt is the Tescos of Kenya. Karen is a rather posh area of Nairobi. It therefore figures that Nakumatt Karen is a very good supermarket. There are also a few cafes and, wait for it a soft play area!! On Monday we leave for a tour of a few game parks so we needed to stock up on some grocery shopping and this was a good place to do it.

This evening at Jungle Junction we had a proper roast chicken dinner with boiled potatoes, vegetables and gravy. We havent had many roast dinners since leaving home, so we all appreciated it just a pity we couldnt find oatmeal at Nakumatt so we couldnt have skirlie. We are gradually taking over Jungle Junction. The kids toys feel as at-home as we do now, distributed throughout the living area!

Yesterday a(nother) German couple arrived at JJs. There seems to be more Germans than any other nationality here. The female half of the couple is a hairdresser, so that was handy. She set up shop in the dining room of JJs and did haircuts for 4 or 5 guests, including me.

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