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Monday 13th August - Kenya - Narok
Alasdair was meant to arrive in Nairobi at about 9pm yesterday. Unfortunately that didnt happen because his flight was delayed. Andrew left JJs about 11pm to collect him at the airport and by the time they got back to JJs it was about 1.30am. I waited up to say Hullo but not much else. We have a lot of catching up to do but we were all happy to wait till normal waking hours. Nairobbery lived up to its name as Andrew had his mobile phone stolen whilst waiting at the airport. His beloved Treo 650 is no more so anyone wanting to text us needs to use my (AWs) mobile.

The girls were very happy to see Alasdair this morning. Keziah had slept with her Spiderman facepaints on especially to show him. Its been really great to meet up with people from home during our trip.

After breakfast we followed the familiar routine of packing, bank, diesel, last couple of grocery items After lunch we headed off to Narok, a small town close to the Masai Mara. One of the many German couples at JJs were also heading in that direction and so we agreed to meet them at the Seasons Hotel in Narok. Corinna and Joerg are on a slightly-delayed honeymoon driving through the Middle East and Africa in a Nissan 4x4. Our paths are likely to coincide over the next few days, so well probably drive together a bit.

Ive noticed that our in-car conversation topics have changed since Alasdair joined us. Andrew is enjoying enthusiastic conversation about the world rally championship, rugby and what car we should get when we return home. Jane and I arent as good conversationalists on these subjects!

The staff at the Seasons hotel assure us that the wildebeest migration from the Serengeti into the Masai Mara is at its peak now so we are excited by the prospect of visiting the park tomorrow.

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