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Friday 17th August - Tanzania - Serengeti
A few miles out of Musoma, we stopped to buy tomatoes, bananas and papaya at the side of the road. The fruit and vegetables here are fresh and very tasty and also very cheap we paid about 2p per banana today.

The Serengeti Park fees were steep - $50 per person entrance fee (for adults only), $40 entrance fee for the vehicle and $30 per person, per night camping (for adults only). That gave a grand total of $280. Wiped out any sense of achievement we had from getting the bananas so cheaply!

The Serengeti is huge - on a map the Masai Mara looks very small next to it. Serengeti means endless plain and within a short time of entering the park it is obvious that the park is aptly named. We saw baboons, wildebeest, zebra and giraffes as we drove to our campsite. At this time of year there are less animals in the Serengeti because, as we witnessed a couple of days ago, they are all racing across the border into Kenya.

From the gate it was almost 200km of driving to reach the public campsite. We stopped at one point beside a river and watched crocodiles and a big lizard sunning themselves on the bank. We stayed at the Dik Dik campsite Pros: clean toilets, a good cooking area (our lack of gas was solved by buying charcoal from one of the other cooks), water supplied for dish-washing Cons: broken showers.

In the evening we went for a DIY game drive but it felt very much like looking for a needle in a haystack. The grass on the plains is long and there arent very many roads, so as you drive you can only observe wildlife in a narrow strip on either side of the track. We did see a lioness she had chosen a spot right beside the road to have a nap. Lots of vehicles were queued up at one point trying to spot a leopard. We scanned the long grass for a while but didnt see anything.

Tomorrow we drive out of the Serengeti towards Ngorongoro. One park leads straight on to the other.

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