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Sunday 19th August - Tanzania - Moshi
Last night as we were setting up the tent, some kids ran in to the campsite and grabbed some clothes out of our dirty washing bag (which was lying on the ground at the back of the car). Andrew ran after them and they dropped what theyd taken. We think we got all our stuff back, but it was an unpleasant little episode.

This morning we were surrounded by praise music. Church services in Africa get going early and by 7am there was singing coming from an open-air service next door. The TV was on in the lounge area of the campsite with another worship service being played. The two services competed for our attention and we felt this was definitely too much of a good thing!

We drove towards the town of Arusha and stopped at Steers for a quick lunch. This turned out to be where we spent the next four hours. It appeared that Andrews replacement wire had failed the QC test as the same ignition circuit symptoms were observed. This time the fault was more difficult to track down as it was the neighbouring wire which was to blame and it was in a much less accessible place, so it took longer to fix.

To add to the frustration, an opportunist thief nicked the Gerber tool (a sort of heavy-duty Swiss army knife) that the guys were using to work on the car. It was lying on a surface under the bonnet while Andrew and Alasdair were working right beside it and then it was gone.

Keziah, Naomi and I became detectives for the next couple of hours. We went around chatting to street kids and street-sellers, laying it on thick that we had met more thieves in Tanzania than any of the other countries we had visited. We got plenty promises of help and plenty claims of who was the guilty party but well never see the knife again. Anyway it gave us something to do while the car was being repaired. It was interesting to observe and see how the street kids were obviously working with some of the street-sellers. Unbeknown to us the place where we had parked, just outside Steers, is notorious for thieves.

With the car going again we drove off towards Moshi. We arrived at the Honey Badger campsite & lodge at about 5.30pm where we took a couple of rooms for the night. Its a very nice place with a good garden so the kids enjoyed playing hide and seek for a while.

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