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Tuesday 21st August - Tanzania - Peponi
Today we drove from Maweni to Tanga on the coast. Tanga is only about 250km from Mombasa in Kenya weve just taken a long, 2-week detour to get between these two places. When we had lunch in Tanga the restaurant owner took out a couple of toys for the girls and then, as we left, he insisted that we took the toys with us. Another example of how kind and welcoming people are especially to kids.

We continued 30km down the coast to Peponi. At some point this last stretch of road was obviously due for improvement, but they never got further than piling big heaps of earth on the roadside and so the road was degraded rather than upgraded.

Peponi Beach Resort is a pleasant place to chill for a couple of nights. There are beach bandas for rent and theres a well-equipped camping area. The restaurant serves good meals, theres a swimming pool and the beach is alright (not wonderful, but OK). Better still there is a Swiss family here with their 3 girls 4 year old twins and a 1 year old. Playmates for our 2! Alasdair has taken a banda for a couple of nights and the rest of us will stay in the tent.

During this trip there have been two occasions when we have almost run out of clothes because wet weather has made it difficult to dry our laundry. One time was when laundry that had been washed in Nairobi wasnt wearable until our 3rd day in Diani. For a few days Jane resorted to wearing her pyjamas for dinner! The second occasion is now. Finally today it looks like we might get our laundry dried we have commandeered most of the washing-line space here at Peponi.

Before we left the UK we had imagined that the Africa leg of our trip would be hotter than it has been. The highest temperatures we have encountered were in Sudan (up to high 40s degC), and before that the Middle East and Egypt were also very hot. At times in Ethiopia it was pretty cold, especially when we were up in the mountains where the temperatures were in single figures. The hottest temperatures we had in Kenya were probably at the beach in Mombasa, but even there it was only high 20s at most. Peponi is about as hot as weve been in Tanzania with similar temperatures to those in Mombasa. Alasdair is glad he took a couple of fleecies with him.

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