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Thursday 23rd August - Tanzania - Dar es Salaam
We drove a long way today leaving the camp at about 10.30 and arriving in Dar es Salaam at about 4pm.

We had a few recommendations in the Dar es Salaam area, all on the Kigamboni peninsula south of the city. To get to the peninsula it is necessary to take a short ferry crossing. Sometimes there is a long wait for the ferry but thankfully this afternoon we went straight on to the boat.

As we were looking around a few places to stay we met Roj & Jon two guys from the UK also travelling south to Cape Town. We had met them earlier in our trip, when Willie was with us back in Luxor in Egypt. It turns out that they had an accident in southern Ethiopia, rolling their Landrover and doing a fair bit of damage to it. Neither of them was badly injured but it did delay their progress by a few weeks. It certainly makes us grateful for our relatively incident-free journey so far.

Corinna and Joerg texted us to say they are staying at Mikadi Beach and so we booked in there for a couple of nights camping. It was good to see them again.

Mikadi Beach has a swimming pool, bar and restaurant, all of which will be put to good use by us. It is a favourite stopping-off point for the big overland trucks and has a large, secure parking area for people to leave their vehicles while they visit Zanzibar.

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