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Saturday 25th August - Tanzania - Dar es Salaam (Day 3)
Today we moved on from Mikadi Beach to Kipepeo Beach a little further down the coast. The beach at Kipepeo is better than at Mikadi and, being further from the town, its also quieter at night. Weve booked a couple of rooms here for two nights.

Alasdair was feeling a bit off-colour this morning and so he stayed at Kipepeo while the rest of us went into Dar es Salaam for the afternoon. Yesterday Andrew had found a good place to get the windscreen replaced and so we went there and got that job done. We also visited a mall for a few odds and ends and we bought our ferry tickets for the Zanzibar ferry. We plan to go to Zanzibar on Monday and stay there for a week.

We had to wait for over an hour to get onto the ferry over to the city and then back again today which was a bit irritating. I suppose it may be particularly busy on Saturdays.

This evening I asked Keziah what her favourite part of the holiday was so far. She replied Playing with Colin and Alasdair in Scotland. (Colin & Alasdair are her cousins who she spent a couple of days with just before we left the UK). I then said But is there anything else youve enjoyed since we left Scotland? Or anything that youre looking forward to?. She answered Emmmm. Playing with Colin and Alasdair at the end.

Although the girls seem very happy most of the time, it is sweet to hear Keziah speak about home. She often talks about nursery, friends, church, Sunday lunches back home, our garden, her cousins and grandparents. She sometimes reminds Naomi about things back home too. One day when persuading Naomi to play with her, we overheard Keziah saying Naomi you have to play with me because (thats why) I have no friends. Poor wee thing! On another occasion Keziah was describing our garden to Naomi, listing all the fun things Theres a slide and a wendy house and weve got bikes. Then she said in a little, wistful voice ..We used to have lots of fun there.

Before you all get the impression that our children are depressed.. they spend most of their time very happy. However, its true that aged 2 and 4 they would probably have just as good a time in our back garden!

Andrew and I are also beginning to look forward to coming home. Dont get me wrong we are having a wonderful time and the next couple of months are an exciting prospect, but we like home too. Weve met some people who have been travelling for 2 years or more, but 7 months is long enough for us. Of-course, its easy to write that from a beautiful African beach. After about a fortnight back at home in the cold, granite city well probably be yearning for a tropical paradise somewhere!

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