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Sunday 26th August - Tanzania - Dar es Salaam (Day 4)
Kipepeo Beach is beautiful long, white sand, thatched beach huts, blue sea We spent today soaking it all up.

One amazing feature of Kipepeo is the steep shelf into the sea. In about 5 steps the beach goes from a toe-dipping depth to a canttouch-the-bottom depth. This means that the waves only break at the very last second, just at the edge of the sand.

At one point today Andrew and I took the girls down to the waters edge. We held their hands and jumped in the waves with them. It was a very strange sensation. Holding a childs hands so close to a big wave would normally seem foolish, but the angle of the beach meant that the towering wave disappeared to nothing at our feet and we just jumped in frothy shallows.

It was good to have a relaxing day just reading, playing in the sand and the sea, sunbathing or chilling out in our beach hut. After the girls were in bed we sorted out the car and packed our bags for going to Zanzibar. The ferry to Zanzibar doesnt take vehicles and so we will leave the car at Mikadi beach for the week. Itll be strange to be without the car after so many weeks of it being our home.

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