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Monday 27th August - Tanzania - Zanzibar - Stonetown
We had an early start today, leaving Kipepeo about 6.45. We left the car at Mikadi and (1000 Tsh/day <$1/day 40 UK) got a taxi to the Zanzibar ferry. The ferry left about 9.30 and the crossing lasted a couple of hours. The ferry was fast, modern and clean. Weve experienced a wide variety of ferries during the course of this holiday!

There was a distinct swell in the ocean and the boat bobbed about a lot. Andrew and Alasdair returned from a coffee-hunt laughing as they tried to balance the cups. We passed by dhows traditional fishing boats with narrow hulls, outriggers and beautiful, triangular sails. Flying fish splashed alongside us as we raced along.

Arriving in Stonetown we got a taxi and went to the Mauweni Inn, a small, central hotel. By this stage we were all pretty hungry so we went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Naomi often sleeps after lunch, but today she fell asleep during lunch with a mouth full of uneaten rice.

For a couple of hours this afternoon we wandered around handicraft shops in town, admiring lots but buying very little. Stonetown is full of character, with its maze of narrow streets and its distinctive, carved doors. There is a strange mixture of Arabic and African influences about the place. We enjoyed just meandering our way through a small part of it.

In the evening we went to Africa House an old, traditional hotel with balconies overlooking the sea. We watched the sunset while sipping cocktails. All of the cocktails were very good - Andrews choice tasted strongly alcoholic but the cocktails Alasdair and I selected were dangerously tasty and easy to drink. We didnt over-indulge and it was a very pleasant way to appreciate the sun slipping down behind the horizon.

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