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Tuesday 28th August - Tanzania - Zanzibar - Jambiani
Today we met up with yesterdays taxi driver and drove across the island to the south-east village of Jambiani. (Andrew was relegated to passenger status for the first time since leaving Scotland) En-route we drove past Stonetowns market a colourful scene of hustle and bustle, luscious fruit and vegetables, fragrant herbs and spices and noodles drying in the sun.

Zanzibar is a low-lying island, its highest spot a little over 300m. Our drive across the island took us through a forested area where red colobus monkeys live, although we didnt spy any. Zanzibars most famous export is spice cloves, nutmeg, mace, but the island also exports coconuts and rubber. Since the 80s these exports have played second fiddle to tourism.

In the last couple of decades every corner of the globe has had its share of property-price stories and Zanzibar is no exception. Our driver described how property his family owned on the island had increased in price 36-fold in the last 10 years! Many foreigners now own land on Zanzibar and the island has changed a lot because of this influx of foreign tourists and property owners. The locals refer to foreigners as Mzungas we take it as a term of endearment rather than scorn!

We visited a couple of places to stay in Jambiani and settled on the Sau Inn, a small hotel on the beach with a swimming pool. The beach is lovely but, because of the reef it is only possible to swim in the sea when the tide is high. Andrew negotiated/dictated a 30% discount on room rates I think he enjoys watching the staff wince!

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