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Thursday 30th August - Tanzania - Zanzibar - Jambiani (until Sat. 1st September)
The Sau Inn is an attractive hotel in a beautiful location. Its clean, the food is very good and theres a good swimming pool. There are, however, a few idiosyncrasies that remind us that we are still in Africa.

On the wall beside the pool there are 2 life rings very sensible and nothing strange in that, but each ring has a badminton racket on it?! Were not sure what role the rackets play in the lifesaving process.

Theres a TV area beside the bar, with Sky TV. Guests can relax with a drink at the telly .. as long as the staff arent already congregated round watching a Tanzanian soap opera, in which case guests just sit in the background waiting for the soap to finish.

At the bar there are typically 4 members of staff. 2 of them are playing with their mobile phone ring tones. 1 is eating a meal and 1 is sitting with their feet up, with a toothpick between their teeth.

The rooms are subject to the usual vagaries of intermittent hot water and electricity supplies, but with the added excitement of occasionally getting both together, in the form of an electric shock while in the shower. One other guest suggested that perhaps we should all wear wellies while washing, just to be on the safe side.

Anyway, we passed a pleasant time in Jambiani. We went out on the dhow for a second snorkelling trip, all three girls got henna tattoos on our ankles, at low tide we spent time guddling about in the rockpools collecting shells and crabs. Unfortunately we left our scrabble set back in the car, but, undeterred, Andrew downloaded a scrabble board and letters from the internet so we could still have a game.

One morning while we were sitting by the pool a male member of staff came up to us and shook our hands. He then asked if we could show him the girls dolls because everyone was speaking about them. Its been really amusing how much of a stir these dolls have created over the last couple of months.

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