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Sunday 2nd September - Tanzania - Zanzibar - Stonetown
We had arranged with our Zanzibari taxi driver that this morning we would be collected from Jambiani and taken to Kizimkazi on the southern tip of the island. Kizimkazi is the best place in Zanzibar to see dolphins and swim with them.

The reef off Kizimkazi is closer to the shore than at Jambiani, so the boat (not a dhow this time) was soon in deep water and within half an hour we were at the point where dolphins are commonly seen. Another 2 or 3 boats were there and we saw maybe 20 bottlenose dolphins. By this stage Naomi was lying sound asleep on a makeshift bed of towels and lifejackets on the floor of the boat, so she was oblivious to the spectacle, but the rest of us oooohed and aaaahed as we saw the dolphins alongside the boat. Alasdair, Andrew and I quickly donned our snorkelling gear and jumped into the sea. Keziah was happy to watch from the boat. The water was deeper, darker and colder than where we had swam before and unfortunately Alasdair didnt see the dolphins when we were in the water with them. Andrew and I did see them in a big group of about 10, gliding effortlessly below us. It was striking how they swam along so easily and so quickly, while we thrashed about as fast as we could trying (and failing!) to keep up with them.

After this first dip Alasdair decided to stay in the boat and view the dolphins from there (they often came to the surface, so you can get a good view of them from the boat as well as from the water). Andrew and I went in perhaps another 3 times. At one point I was watching the dolphins under the water and then lost them, so I popped my head up to ask Andrew if he could spot them. Above the water, the view I got was Andrews snorkelling head with a couple of dolphins immediately behind him. He said he knew Id seen the dolphins because he heard me shriek with excitement. Meanwhile Alasdair tried to capture some of the experience on the cameras in the boat.

On our way back to the shore we stopped at the reef for a bit of snorkelling. The snorkelling was very good and we saw a big variety of fish, some of them quite large.

From Kizimkazi we made our way back to Stonetown, where we booked into Garden Lodge as Mauweni Inn was full. Garden Lodge wasnt as nice as Mauweni, but it was central and OK. In the evening we returned to Africa House for cocktails and the sunset, followed by dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant.

Once the girls were tucked up in bed the rest of us listened to David Lazenby on the computer for our evening service. Thanks for that David, it was great to hear you preach.

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