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Monday 3rd September - Tanzania - Dar es Salaam (Day 5)
Alasdair was looking forward to returning home as the only in-car-guest that has travelled with us and not required ciprofloxacin. Unfortunately his luck didnt quite hold out until the end of his trip. Today started early and unpleasantly for Alasdair. Determined to net his haul of souvenirs, he dragged himself out of bed and down to Memories Souvenir Emporium, emptying his wallet in the shop and his stomach on the pavement outside. I dont think that was the sort of memories they had in mind when they named the shop. The next thing on our itinerary for the day was a 2 hour ferry trip, exactly the sort of thing to settle a fragile tummy.

We had planned returning to Kipepeo Beach, but it is a long way from the airport and by the time we arrived in Dar es Salaam we all thought it would be best to get Alasdair into a comfortable room in a nice hotel, close to the airport or, better still, onto a flight home today instead of tomorrow. I took the girls off in a taxi to Safari Inn - a central, cheap, but OK hotel, while Andrew and Alasdair collected the car, reunited Alasdair with the rest of his luggage and made their way to the airport. Having checked that it was not possible for Alasdair to get on an earlier flight, they then booked Alasdair into the Movenpick Hotel for a night secure in the height of western-style comfort.

I made my way to Funky Orbits, a childrens play area where the kids happily played for a couple of hours. Andrew met us there in the evening.

So that was the end of Alasdairs trip, not the best conclusion to what had been a happy time. We all enjoyed having Alasdair with us and were sorry to be saying our goodbyes to a rather grey version of our friend!

Thanks for joining us Alasdair and hope you are none-the-worse for your African adventure.

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