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Wednesday 5th September - Tanzania - Mikumi
Its always good for children to run off some steam before being cooped up in a car for a few hours, so this morning we gave the girls the choice of which play area they revisited. They chose Funky Orbits and so we went back there for a couple of hours.
The girls played on the climbing frame and then we all played crazy golf. Crazy golf is even crazier when it is attempted with a 4 and a 2 year old, but we all had fun nevertheless.

As usual it took us a while to shake the big city off our heels. Whenever we have visited big cities we have always found it frustratingly slow to get out of them. I suppose thats obvious and inevitable we are driving after all, not flying in and out of places.

Roads in Tanzania have generally been very good and todays was no exception. We drove on smooth tar for about 3 hours. The most interesting part of todays drive was going through Mikumi National Park. The main road traverses the park and if you are just driving through, as we were, you dont have to pay park fees. It was really strange to drive along and see a giraffe standing in the middle of the tarmac road ahead of us and elephants on the grass verge. We saw a lot of animals - giraffes, elephants, baboons, zebras and antelopes.

On the other side of Mikumi is Tan-Swiss, a campsite owned by a Swiss man, and one of the recommendations we had noted while at Jungle Junction. It was very nice and we decided just to take a room for the night. The restaurant is decorated with murals depicting Tanzanian and Swiss scenes so we ate our meal in the shadow of the Matterhorn!

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