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Thursday 6th September - Tanzania - Iringa
This morning Andrew did some work on a few little things to do with the car. While pottering about he noticed that the bushings that were fitted yesterday had split after just one days driving. It turns out that they were incorrectly fitted, without their washers and so they have failed already. East Africa Pump Services have slid waaaaay down the popularity stakes.

During todays drive there were times when the scenery looked remarkably like home. Perhaps the last few months are a big dream and we are really just on the road to Ardgay?

Our destination today was Riverside Campsite near Iringa, which was recommended to us back at Peponi. It is a wonderful place. We turned up just as they were finishing their lunch perfect timing for us to pull up a few chairs and tuck in.

Riverside has lovely grassy pitches with tall trees, bandas for rent if you dont want to camp, hot showers, clean toilets, good food, a TV lounge, a book exchange, a play area, bikes for rent and a couple of kids tricycles! Its a lot more than a campsite, its also a language school for people who want to learn Swahili. Most of their students are missionaries who come here with their families for weeks, or often months, at a time to study the language. Weve visited a few churches since we left home and obviously you meet lots of Christians at church but it was a surprise (a pleasant one!) to come to a campsite and meet lots of Christians. For those of you who are interested - a number of missionary organisations use this place, including SIL, AIM and the Southern Baptists International Missions Board.

Riverside Campsite is run by William and Amanda Philips. William comes from Iringa and Amanda is from the UK. They are very welcoming, friendly and helpful. William gave us details of a garage in town where we could get the suspension bushings redone and we went into Iringa in the afternoon to see what the garage could do. The job was done within an hour for a price of 15,000Tsh (~

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