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Saturday 8th September - Tanzania - Iringa (Day 2)
Today we had a picnic breakfast at the hippo pools in Ruaha park. Pretty cool place to eat your cereal. There were about a dozen hippos in the pool including a baby hippo with its mum, and a similar number of crocodiles lying on the opposite bank of the pool. Watching hippos and crocodiles is certainly more interesting than reading the back of the cornflakes packet.

After breakfast we meandered our way beside the river, heading westwards into the park. Unfortunately we didnt spot any lions but we did see plenty other animals, including kudu, a type of gazelle that we hadnt seen before. At one point I said Oh look kudu! and Naomi said Scooby Doo?. Keziah thought that was hilarious.

Game drives with kids can be quite fun. It has been good to see them get excited about seeing the animals. Like everything else with the children though, you do have to pace yourself. It is tempting to wring the last minute out of a 24-hour park pass, but we didnt do that. We turned back towards the gate and stopped at a viewpoint for a picnic lunch. The viewpoint was a great place, with a little shelter and a remarkably clean toilet. The river curved below us, with plains stretching out beyond it and hills on one side. With our binoculars we could see elephants, giraffes and a hippo down at the river.

We left Ruaha early in the afternoon and returned to Iringa. Before going to Riverside we stopped at Neel Autoworks again, because a rear stabilising arm had sheared. Back in Gonder in Ethiopia wed had one rear stabilising arm welded that one is still OK, but this time the other arm had gone. The arm was removed, welded and refitted in the space of an hour and cost 8,000Tsh (~

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