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Sunday 9th September - Tanzania - Iringa (Day 3)
We had planned to leave today, but then we decided not to. Apparently this happens often. Riverside Campsite once had an overlanding couple who came for 2 nights and stayed for 6 weeks! We can understand this - it is one of the best campsites weve been in.

We enquired about church today, but apparently English-speaking services are held in Iringa on every second Sunday and this Sundays not one of them. Instead we had a little church of our own at the campsite.

It was a very relaxing day. We made birds with the children, collecting feathers and gluing them on to paper bird shapes and then attaching thread so the girls could run around with the birds and make them fly. We played volleyball with some of the other people staying here. The girls played in the playpark and on the tricycles. By the end of the day they were very dirty and very happy.

Tomorrow we will drag ourselves away from here. Thank you Amanda and William for making Riverside such a great place. God bless you!

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