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Wednesday 12th September - Malawi - Livingstonia
After a relaxed morning, paddling and swimming in the lake, we set off for Livingstonia. Livingstonia is about an hours drive from Chilimba, up a rough, winding road that weaves its way in a series of 20 hairpin bends to the top of the escarpment.

It is strange to visit Livingstonia because there are some aspects of it that are so familiarly Scottish. Livingstonia was set up by Scottish missionaries in the late 1800s and so some of the buildings look very Scottish. Along with Christianity, the missionaries brought education and healthcare to the area and the local people seem very positive and proud of this part of their heritage. When we said we were from Scotland we were told that Livingstonia is our second home.

We had our lunch on the verandah of the Stone House, the old manse, and then visited the museum and the church. David Livingstone is portrayed in stained glass in the churchs main window with Lake Malawi in the background. In the museum we discovered that the main man who worked as a missionary in Malawi for 53 years was a Dr Robert Laws from Aberdeen. We left Livingstonia feeling that we really should read up about these two men as we know so little about them.

Lukwe campsite is a few kilometres from Livingstonia, just off the road that goes down to the lake. There are camping pitches and thatched bandas\for rent, a restaurant and a lounge area, composting toilets and excellent, hot showers. It is situated in a forest high up, overlooking the hillside with Lake Malawi far below. It has been built to blend in with the scenery surrounding it and to complement it with garden areas of flowering shrubs and plants. We loved it, although the views were hazy typical for this time of year apparently.

At 6.30pm we sat in the restaurant waiting for our pre-ordered dinner. After 20 minutes or so we enquired about it and were informed that it was not yet 6pm. There is an hours time difference between Tanzania and Malawi, so we are now BST+1, instead of BST+2.

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