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Saturday 15th September - Malawi - Cape MacLear
From the moment we woke today Keziah was eager to get back to her pot to paint it. This part of the craft activity was fun for both of the girls. They sat happily with their paints and had lots of fun painting the pots. Keziah painted dogs and cats on her pot and I lost track of what Naomis design was, but she seemed very happy with it. We left the pots with the pottery as they now need to be dried, fired and glazed which will take a few days. After that the pots will be sent back to the UK, so they should be waiting for us by the time we get home.

We left Nkhotakhota in the late morning and drove to the southern tip of the lake, to Cape MacLear. The last 60 or 80 kms was on rough road which took its toll on the car. We arrived in Cape MacLear and went to Fat Monkeys. When we stopped the engine, Andrew realised that the auxiliary batterys charge immediately died down to nothing. On opening the bonnet he saw that the platform supporting two of the three batteries had collapsed and the metal retaining bar was earthed against the engine block. One battery casing had partly melted (not good, by the way!), the bolt on the positive terminal had become welded to the nut and the retaining bar had a few 150 Amp spark-eroded bites taken out of it. Andrew spent the next 2 hours fixing the car. Thankfully the batteries still seem OK and by the time it was getting dark the car was able to start again. It certainly wasnt the relaxing afternoon that wed had in mind, but were grateful not have needed the fire extinguisher and glad to have things sorted again.

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