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Tuesday 18th September - Malawi - Blantyre to Mozambique - Tete
This morning there was still no water. We were told that this was because Blantyre has a problem with water supply and there are often shortages. Andrew then pointed to the sprinklers, merrily twirling round on the grass outside!! We washed our hands in the sprinklers, but stopped short of showering in them.

Breakfast took an age to arrive. We had ordered a couple of sausages for the girls, 2 coffees for us and toast. The sausages were OK but instead of toast they turned up with greasy, horrible fried bread. We sent it back, asking for toast, not fried bread. They sent it back out again saying that the toaster was broken, to which we replied Do you have a grill in the kitchen? After another 15 minutes our grilled toast arrived - better than the fried bread but tasting of grease from the grillpan.

Anyway, the best thing about the Country Club was the fact that it had a little playpark (which, in common with everything else about the club, had seen better days) and a trampoline (or a jumpoline as Naomi calls it). The girls had fun playing with these things before we drove into town to get some last bits of shopping.

We left Blantyre at about noon and drove off in the direction of Mwanza, not on the main road but on an untarred scenic route that we hadnt planned to take. It turned out to be a good shortcut, 40km shorter than going on the main road. While the girls both slept, Andrew and I discussed what we would do differently if we were running Limbe Country Club. We didnt quite get as far as drawing up an action plan or creating an Excel spreadsheet, but we worked our way through many scenarios and solutions.

The border crossing at Mozambique was good and relatively quick. We got our Mozambican visas at the border with no problems and then drove on to our first Mozambican town Tete. Just outside Tete there is a high suspension bridge that crosses the broad, powerful Zambezi. The river is a long way inland at this point but it is still impressively large.

When it comes to accommodation in Tete theres not a whole lot to choose from - we ended up in Paradise Inn. They are making an effort to do a good job of the hotel, but paradise? Ehhhh no. They did have a big-screen TV though, so we grabbed the remote control and watched Scotland play Romania at rugby.

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