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Thursday 20th September - Mozambique - Vilanculos
Chimoio is a little town, marked on our map in small, unimportant font. We didnt expect anything much from our stop in Chimoio it was simply somewhere to stop on the long road to the Mozambican coast. We enjoyed Chimoio far more than we had expected to.

This morning the girls each had a ride on one of Amandas horses. They loved it - Keziah in particular has been speaking about it a lot ever since. We then visited Amys orphan school and saw some of the older girls hard at work making the dolls that are then used in sex education and AIDS awareness programs around Mozambique. The dolls are brilliant male and female dolls wonderfully well-endowed with all the necessary bits required for sex education. Some of the dolls were pregnant with baby dolls. It seems really funny but of-course its not, with AIDS being such a huge problem in Africa the dolls are part of a very serious effort to inform and educate. The dolls are only a part of Amys work, there are classrooms for teaching and there is an emphasis on practical skills and crafts that will help the children look after themselves and their younger siblings. If you want to find out more about the school, then have a look at ..

Before leaving Chimoio we went for a coffee to Amandas house. She has been through so much and is tired of repeating her story, so she printed it out for us to read. We read it in the car and it is an almost unbelievable tale hounded from their homes and fleeing for their lives. We hope to meet up with Pat, Amandas husband, in Vilanculos. We wish you every success with the horses, Amanda. Thank you so much for your friendship in Chimoio, we loved meeting you and we hope and pray that the future will be brighter for you. Dont go throwing yourself off that balcony!!

We left Chimoio at about 11am and drove to Vilanculos on the coast, a drive of approximately 5 hours. Lunch, naps, drawing pictures and watching Stuart Little made the journey pass quite happily for the girls and by the evening we had settled ourselves into the Blue Water Resort, a small hotel with a big pool and views across the beach and ocean. We plan to relax here for a few days, without driving anywhere.

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