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Friday 21st September - Mozambique - Vilanculos (Day 2)
Today we spent a happy and relaxing day at the beach and in the pool. Theres not much more to say about today, so Ill make this a practical travel information type of diary entry.

We have been surprised at how easy it has been to withdraw money throughout our trip. Country by country here is our experience which may be of use to you if you plan to visit these places.

France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt
Easy to withdraw money using maestro or visa in almost any bank ATM.

Only place we found to get money was by using visa cash advance at the Byblos Bank. Otherwise it is not possible to use credit cards or ATMs. It is advisable to enter the country with a good stash of dollars.

We didnt find ATMs that worked with maestro, so we used visa cash advance unfortunately we cant remember what bank we used.
Note that in Ethiopia it is not possible to transfer money from Ethiopian birr into another currency unless you have both a receipt for when you got the birr and a plane ticket for leaving the country.

Kenya, Tanzania
Maestro cards work at Barclays ATMs, so thats what we used. ATMs for visa are also widely available.

Maestro cards work at Standard Bank ATMs, so thats what we used but they are not widely available (certainly coming from the North of the country).

Maestro cards work at Standard Bank ATMs, so thats what we used.

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