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Sunday 23rd September - Mozambique - Vilanculos (Day 4)
The Bazaruto archipelago lies off the coast of Vilanculos. Today we took a boat trip out to visit one of the islands Magaruque.

To get to the island the boat needed to take a zig-zag route between sandbars and reefs that are exposed during the low tide. This time our boat was a speedboat with a powerful engine and Keziah very much enjoyed bumping over the waves. Arriving at the island we could see that the hotel on the island had been badly damaged by the cyclone. Apparently they hope to reopen by November.

Our driver, Giano, took the boat into a sheltered lagoon where the reef made a diagonal line towards the beach. This was an ideal spot for us as the girls could happily play with Giano in the calm lagoon and on the sandy beach while we were snorkelling close by, just on the other side of the reef. The rocks on the reef were covered by sharp barnacles so there was no risk that the girls would ever attempt to climb over the rocks. The snorkelling was very good and we saw a lot of big fish.

We stayed on the island for about 4 hours, having an early picnic lunch under colourful parasols that Naomi called rainbows. As the morning wore on the tide rose and more fish appeared on the lagoon-side of the reef and so Andrew took Keziah snorkelling in the lagoon to see the fish. She loved it. She has tried snorkelling in the sea for very short dips earlier in the holiday, but today was certainly the longest she has ever snorkelled for in the sea. She came out of the water enthusiastically describing the fish shed seen.

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