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Monday 24th September - Mozambique - Tofo
Pat (the husband of Amanda who we met in Chimoio) came to our hotel today with a horse so the girls could have a ride on the beach. Naomi didnt want to have a turn this time, so Keziahs turn was twice as long and she loved it.

Last night there were about 15 overlanding vehicles at the Blue Water resort, all from South Africa. It was amazing to see so many, as up until now weve only seen a couple here and there. This is the start of a mid-term break in South Africa so schools have a week off and obviously many South Africans head up to the beaches of Mozambique. Andrew surveyed the other vehicles and satisfied himself that ours was still the best.

We drove to Tofo today, a drive of about 4 hours on mostly good road. We are camping at Bamboozi Backpackers a well organised place on the dunes behind the wonderful Tofo beach. As far as beaches go, the Isle of Harris has got to be the gold standard (although admittedly it doesnt quite have the climate to go with its miles of golden sand). On this holiday, Diani beach in Kenya was a spectacular beach and now Tofo beach is probably even more amazing. As we drive south along the coast of Mozambique we get the feeling that every little road off to our left goes down to another pearl of a beach, one of many in a string hundreds of kilometres long. I suspect we may have to shunt Harris a few places down the beautiful beaches list .

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