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Tuesday 25th September - Mozambique - Tofo (Day 2)
Naomi has had a high temperature today and her tummy isnt right. Weve been giving her medicine to take the temperature down and she seems bright, so were hoping shell be better soon.

The weather today was overcast, cloudy and windy (more like Harris than wed expected!). We still had a pleasant day, not doing very much.

Keziah is in love. Her first holiday romance is with a tall, dark and handsome 4 year old boy called Oliver from the USA. Oliver has lots of Spiderman things which makes him even more exciting. Keziah and Oliver spent the day running around the campsite screaming, climbing on top of tables and jumping off them, splashing and laughing in the waves. Naomi spent a good bit of today running to catch up with them.. or wondering where theyd gone.

The waves on the beach here are very big, partly because the weather is so windy at the moment. This afternoon Naomi and Oliver played in the shallows while Andrew supervised. Oliver charged into the water and, with typical male bravado, got bolder and bolder and ventured further into the waves. Keziah followed more cautiously, watching Oliver with awe. Then Oliver learnt a lesson which may well stand him in good stead for his future attempts at impressing women he got flattened by a big wave. That was the end of that they both gave up swimming and went back to their buckets and spades.

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