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Thursday 27th September - Mozambique - Xai Xai
Today Naomi woke bright and breezy and asking for snacks. Thats our girl! She seems a lot better today, although, as Keziah would say, her tummys still a bit muddled.

Inhambane is the best place on the planet to swim or snorkel with whale sharks. We had hoped to do that while we were here, but the weather has been windy and the waves rough, so they havent gone out to the whale sharks for the last two days. Speaking to the organisers this morning, there was a possibility that they might take a boat out today, but we decided not to go since Naomis still not 100%. Well just have to come back to Inhambane some day!

Before leaving Inhambane we stopped at the Internet cafe for a few things. Heres a quote from the cafes noticeboard - If you ever felt too small to make an impact just go to bed with a mosquito. Made us laugh, although we wouldnt have found it quite so funny yesterday! At the internet cafe we read an email from a friend from back home, recommending the beaches Xai Xai - quite a coincidence, because our plan for today was to drive to Xai Xai.

The road to Xai Xai was quite good, apart from a section towards the end of the journey where the tar was pockmarked with potholes. We were stopped by traffic police twice in close succession today. They claimed we were doing speeds that we knew we werent doing so Andrew simply refused to pay. We saw one driver ahead of us just give the police a quick back-hander and drive off.

After a stop in the town to visit the Standard Bank ATM we drove down to the beach and booked into Xai Xai Beach Resort. Well stay here for the next 2 nights, in a very nice self-catering chalet up in the dunes overlooking the sea. The girls are thrilled that there is a bath in the chalet. Theyve had lots of showers over the past few months but very few baths.

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