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Friday 28th September - Mozambique - Xai Xai (Day 2)
Another day, another beautiful beach! We whiled away today by chilling at the chalet, playing on the sand at the beach, swimming in the sea and the swimming pool.
In the evening we got chatting to a South African couple at the restaurant. They gave us a Getaway magazine its a South African publication all about travel and contains lots of information for tourists to the country. We took out our maps and sat with them while they shared all their travel tips for our route through South Africa. They obviously love their country and were keen to make sure that we enjoy it to the full.

Thanks very much, Shirley and Gerard. We were looking forward to the South African leg of our trip, but now we are really looking forward to it.

Over the last few months we have found personal recommendations to be a key part of our trip. We have guide books and we do use them, but its really best to speak to people who come from the region and get their opinions. This sort of insider information is generally more up-to-date and has led us to some great places.

Gerard also gave us a book The Shackled Continent - Africas Past, Present and Future by Robert Guest. Ive only just started reading it, but already it is very gripping and exactly the sort of book I want to read. To quote the book cover:-Robert Guest seeks to diagnose the sickness that continues to hobble Africas development. I think itll be a very interesting read.

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