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Sunday 30th September - Mozambique - Maputo (Day 2)
Mundos is a popular bar/restaurant in Maputo. It has satellite TV and a play area which is a hit with Keziah & Naomi. We visited Mundos yesterday, then again today and we may well end up back here again tomorrow!

Maputo seems like quite a nice capital city, as far as our experience of African cities goes. Driving in the city there appears to be many good looking restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. In Europe you would notice the absence of pavements (here there are usually just roadsides of mud or earth) but thats just part of the scene and we hardly register it anymore.

In the afternoon we went to a Methodist Church that held an English service. The congregation of about 30 people was made up of some Mozambicans, a couple of Americans, some Zimbabweans (black exiled Zimbabweans this time), some Malawians and ourselves. We were welcomed warmly and enjoyed worshipping with them but unfortunately the cars wing mirrors were broken while we were in the church. Its really irritating, but I suppose its just one of these things. Well go to the Toyota dealership tomorrow and see if we can get some replacements.

In the evening at the guesthouse there were some strange gremlins in the electricity supply. Things were going pop throughout the house, including the TV so rugby-viewing was off the agenda for this evening too.

Margaret has a little cuddly toy called Mr Hoopy. Margaret and Mr Hoopy should go into business as childrens entertainers, the girls had a great time with them. Thanks for being such fun Margaret.

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